My textiles work is where it all started. I use vintage and recycled ties as the canvas for this work. It is the richness of texture, pattern and colour that provides my work with depth and perspective. Once the main canvas is chosen I then use more recycled fabrics and threads to add many different layers. I then burn the layers back with a heat gun to reveal hidden texture and colour and will add detail with free machine embroidery and found objects. I treat the threads like a painter would treat their paint pallet.

The textiles work is professionally framed in solid oak and is float mounted in archival acid free mount board. The textiles is set away from the glass with spacers. The vast majority of the work is now glazed with premium anti- reflective glass (Artglass AR 70) which gives a greater clarity to the texture of the work. 

If you do have any questions about the work please do not hesitate to ask.

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