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Its all systems go on the studio!

So Ive promised a lot of things over the last few years. One is that I would keep up with my blog and two that I am having an art studio built in the back garden. This is my second blog in two years and the latter has been a mystery spoken about for the last three years, so much so many of you may have thought I was living in a parallel universe where such mythical studios existed! I have even been buying furniture for said building and explaining to many a salvage hunter that I am buying for a non existent building!

Sooooooooooo, its happened! Just before Christmas on the 14th December, out with the old and in with the new. The cute little stable (read dangerous and falling to bits) finally came down! It was sad to see it go but I was full of optimism and my garden was full of mud!

were the angels to the rescue and Chris and Stefan grafted through Glastonbury worthy soggy mud and more skips than you can shake a "squidy stick" at! And all through the 3rd (really the second) Covid lockdown. It rained, it snowed, it rained some more!

A lot has happened since those boots were full of mud and now I look at the window at some glorious sunshine. I can hear people cutting their lawn (which I cannot do as my lawnmower went to the great scrap yard in the sky as I had no room to store it during renovations) and the sound of cement mixers!

There is real progress! We have most of the cedar clad on the outside walls, zinc roof coming soon, glorious hand crafted oak beams, underfloor heating (yes you heard correctly), electrics in and plaster boarded to an inch of its life! Theres a lot to do but its coming along. Im really looking forward to the shiny roof raising some eyebrows and maybe attracting alien interest as it will be seen prominently from outer space. Just a few piccies to share for now and some to come later as progress happens.

In true me fashion, Im choosing lights and more "salvaged" or as I like to think of it, rescued furniture to put in it. Im full of ideas, so much so I hope I leave myself enough time to do my art.

All we need now is an occasion to invite you all in for a glass of vino! Just like the old days! I cant wait for you all to see the space!

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