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My happy place.....

Well, despite a couple of lockdowns, a shortage of building materials, uncertainty in the world and a bad case of indecision......I only finally gone and one it! The studio is now built and Im in. I still havent completely cleared out the old studio (anything left in there really isnt needed) and Im currently nesting into Autumn/ Winter. I feel like Im about to go into a hibernation phase and am looking forward to finding my feet and having a good old fashioned play. Im true me fashion, I moved in whilst the builders were still working around me as I had deadlines to meet and sewing to be done.

Now Im in, my work seems to have taken a completely different turn. My work is much more painterly and slightly speedier......I say slightly here as Im still not moving a a hares pace. But the work seems to flow so much more as Ive got everything I need to hand and dont have to spend time searching for things or clearing away every time I get the paints out. Have a look at the photograph below. This was taken when I first moved in. Ive kind of filled it a little more since then!!!! Whoops!

So Im basically loving it. If at any time you feel like popping over please do so. You can visit the studio to see my work and space anytime. I even have a fancy coffee machine to make a fresh brew. Just get in touch if you would like to pop round.

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My daughter and I went to the Biscuit Factory for a wander around and we stopped to look at your work. Amazing stuff ! I've never seen textile art close up. The detail yet randomness is incredible. The hours of work that must have went into each piece, must have so much patience, or could that be passion...

I just had to look you up and see what other things you have made. The time-lapse video, where can I see the finished landscape?

In your 'Happy place' you're using a Janome machine, I don't recognise it a embroidery machine?

Sorry about all the questions.

I'd just like to say...your work is amazing, and inspiring. I plan to have…

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